How Car Paint Issues Can Help You Relate to Your Customers

Most car owners want to know how to extend the life of their vehicles. So if they ask you about this issue, you have an opening to discuss exterior maintenance and car paint issues. It doesn’t cost you anything, but you are adding value to their transaction. Most importantly for your business, your friendliness and advice encourage customers to make you their chief mechanic.

Add Value to Your Transactions

Beyond advice and suggestions, you could put together an inexpensive car care package. This could be a $5 or $10 value that will make your business friendly to customers’ needs. You could buy car washes at a bulk discount and give those to customers.  

You might not need to spend any money if you reach out to potential partners. Perhaps a local car wash would give you coupons for your customers. Perhaps nearby paint or body shops would offer your customers a discount.  

Know More about Car Paint Issues

There are some key facts to know about car paint and related issues. We’ve tried to sum them up here.

Washing and Waxing

Washing a car regularly really is good for the exterior. Today’s paint jobs are highly scientific, but they will still start to deteriorate if dirt is left to sit on the surface. Waxing, at least twice a year, creates a layer between the paint and environmental factors that can damage it.


If gas gets on the car while the owner is filling up, it must be washed off as quickly as possible. This is just a matter of soap and water or a car wash.  If ignored, this will lead to long-term stains.

Brake Fluid

Many of today’s have chemical aspects that can act as paint thinner. So owners should proceed cautiously and be ready to wash the exterior immediately if the fluid makes contact with any painted areas.

Natural Acidic Staining

Many natural substances leave acid behind. This includes bird droppings, dead insects, and tree sap. These substances should be gently cleaned off as soon as possible. Of course, tree sap is much trickier. Some advise soaking in a cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol and applying it to the spot for a few minutes. Dried sap may require scraping, which is tricky to do without scratching the paint.

Salty Conditions

Snowy, icy conditions lead to salted roads. Beach areas have their fair share of salt and sand. In either case, it is critical to wash a car regularly including the undercarriage. This protects the paint job and vital components from deterioration. 


When someone owns , like the F150 Raptor, it may be hard to say stay off the trail. But you can say, “get a car wash after every trek.” Dirt has organic matter and acidity. This leads to corrosion. 

Decorations and Practical Jokes

Accessories, including magnetic signs, will cause the covered area to weather differently than the rest of the paint. It’s better just to leave the car plain than cause a problem.  Furthermore, when it comes to practical jokes, shaving cream, and silly string can damage a car’s paint. In addition to soap and water, you may need a special cleaner to get the oily residue off.  Shoe polish is so bad for car paint that it may require a professional cleaning service. 

Keep Wet Towels and Beverages Off

The rule should be that if something is wet or scratchy, it never goes on the car. This includes drink cups, wet towels, laundry baskets, and anything else that could leave a stain or a scratch. 

Final Thoughts

Learning about what causes paint damage to a car can help a mechanic be prepared for any question their customer may throw at them. By being ready for their questions, you can encourage repeat business and happy customers.

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Written by Marcus

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