5 Top Recommendations for Electric Car Owners: Maintenance in Summer Season

Electric cars are known for their ease of maintenance. There is no need to regularly change the oil, numerous filters, spark plugs, and other attributes of heat-loaded and moving elements of an internal combustion engine. A minimum of checks for leaks and extraneous noise – electric power plants are quite simple and reliable. But the ideal motor has not yet been invented. Car mavens from the warn that electric vehicles also have their weaknesses. And while EVs are more of a hassle for owners in the winter, the summer also brings the electric car owner something to take care of. 

Features of EV Operating in Summer

As a rule, there are no problems with battery capacity and power reserve in the warm season. But it is worth remembering that the battery’s thermal mode operation has not only a lower limit but also an upper one. There is a risk of overheating at high air temperatures – therefore, powerful electric vehicles have a liquid cooling system for the battery and electric motors.

It is always better to monitor the temperature, but this indicator requires special attention in the following circumstances:

  • During fast charging. Any battery generates heat when charged, and the excess heat is discharged into the atmosphere through a cooling system or naturally via the contact of the battery case with the environment. The heat exchange process proceeds efficiently with a significant temperature difference. If the air around is hot enough, the battery does not cool much and can overheat. In this case, the electronics will reduce the current consumed from the outlet, and in critical situations, it will break the electrical circuit through which the charging current flows. This will protect the battery from possible ignition, but at the same time, the energy reserve will not be fully replenished until its cells cool down. In this case, a full charge may take longer than expected. The most frustrating thing is if, due to some malfunction in the electronics, the safety shutdown does not work.
  • During active driving. The battery heats up even more in the power output mode. The fast acceleration and movement at a constant high speed increase the load. Models with liquid-cooled cells practically do not suffer from overheating, but air-cooling does not always do a good job of dissipating heat. A modern electric car with working electronics will independently signal a problem, and on older models, it is better to monitor the temperature on your own. At the first sign of overheating, the car should significantly slow down to reduce the load on the battery. You should not stop – the oncoming airflow will help to cool the battery faster and more efficiently.

All Season Recommendations

Regardless of the time of year, the owner of an electric car needs to remember several nuances of its operation:

  • Choose the right tires. It is better to give preference to tires produced for electric vehicles. They have less rolling resistance, reduce energy consumption and allow the recovery system to operate at maximum efficiency. If you have to choose among non-specialized tires, you should focus on the fuel efficiency indicator – you will find it on a sticker glued to a new tire. 
  • Check the battery cover condition. Most modern electric vehicles have batteries located in the dirtiest area – under the bottom. In winter, the casing isolates the battery from salt and snow, and in summer, it provides tightness when overcoming water obstacles. Before the inspection, the bottom is usually washed. The absence of deposits and mud stalactites contributes to the correct maintenance of temperature operating conditions.
  • Store your electric car in a comfortable environment. It is best to store and charge it in a closed garage. In summer, this will help to avoid excessive heating, and in winter, it will save the car from . The most suitable would be a heated parking lot with a stable temperature, but a cold option will also work – in it, the temperature difference will be noticeable but not as sharp as in the open air.

If you’re only looking at electric cars in the wake of their popularity, then you should not rush into buying. Evaluate all the pros and cons, and compare other options. . Or visit Indy Auto Man in Indianapolis, where highly qualified sales assistants will help you make the best choice.

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