Flying Huntsman Pickup 6×6 by Kahn Design Officially Launched

It is big, it is a monster, it is the new Flying Huntsman Pickup 6×6 concept that its competitor Mercedes G63 6×6 will have to take a bow in the near future.

This is the latest creation that the aftermarket specialists from the Kahn Design tuner have been recently working on.

The Flying Huntsman Pickup 6×6 is still far away from being over, but when it will arrive on the market, it will definitely be the largest six-wheel monster pickup ever built, with a unique body and sheer performance under the hood, especially since only 20 vehicles will be built every year.

We are still unaware of the great qualities of the Flying Huntsman Pickup 6×6, but what we know so far is that it will cost around $99,875, which should place it somewhere above its top predators, like the Mercedes G63 6×6 or Land Rover Defender.

It would have been a privilege for us to find out at least the amount of power it will come with under the hood, especially since Mercedes-Benz is already bragging with an upgraded V8 engine, with 580 horsepower in the G63 6×6 pickup.

Stay tuned for more info on the Flying Huntsman Pickup 6×6, meanwhile enjoy the short photo session with the model still in development by Kahn Design tuner!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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