Car stickers still a good way to advertise

Ask anyone whether they think that advertising their business on car stickers or on social media is the better way to go, and you’ll undoubtedly receive the response that social media is the way forward and car stickers are old hat.

So it might surprise you to hear that a survey has recently been run by a company called Data Label which has shown that in fact car stickers might be more effective than Twitter ads.

The survey questioned over 1000 people on where they’ve noticed marketing campaigns on a daily basis. 88% of people responded that they’ve spotted an ad on a vehicle during their daily commutes, whereas only 44% of answered that they’ve noticed a similar ad popping up on their Twitter timeline.

These stats are probably a shock to many, especially young people who spend half their lives glued to their phones and are constantly active on social media. It’s estimated that there are around 6000 tweets sent every second around the world, and this number will only be growing as users on the platform increase.

However, research into Twitter has shown that, with the speed, algorithms and activity on the channel, only 1% of followers will see that your tweet. When you count how many people interact with it, either sharing, liking, responding or clicking, that number gets even lower with an average of 0.5-1% engagement rate for most users on Facebook or Twitter.

In comparison, stats show that we see approximately 6000 vehicles on an average 10 mile drive and that there are over 31.7 million cars in the UK.

That’s a lot of eyes that car stickers will get your company in front of! Considering that loyal customers are often made following recommendations, having a sticker advertising your business on a car that people are likely to admire or on a friend or family member’s vehicle that they see frequently could be particularly lucrative. In addition to this, car stickers are a very cheap and easy way to advertise, without having to figure out payments per impression or setting long term campaigns.

Would you consider advertising your business on car stickers seen by the masses?

What do you think?

Written by Marcus

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