Are you an Automotive Parts Seller on Amazon? Here is Something Which Increases Your Sales

Nowadays, the automotive industry is one of the most profit-making industries in the world. During this time of the pandemic, many people have adopted online purchasing behavior rather than offline.

If you are an automotive parts seller, then Amazon is the best marketplace to sell it. There are more than 100 million Amazon Prime members around the world, and they generally spend over $1,000 a year. Around 2023, online auto parts and accessories sales are expected to rise to $21.4 billion. Though, only being a seller on Amazon cannot help you to get sales.

If you are in the automotive aftermarket sector, then it’s important that you understand the ACES fitment data.

Why ACES Fitment Data is important?

The Auto Care Association will update its vehicle configuration database, assign new vehicle configurations, or redefining existing ones approximately once a month. When a vehicle is removed, problems are caused. This causes catalog holes and is a big cause of lost sales. Keeping track of all tiny components, their makers and all possible vehicle components might be difficult.

Let’s discuss what is ACES fitment data?

ACES stands for Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standards, which categorize vehicle and parts information based on the pre-existing database.

Managing bulky and accurate data is a major problem faced in the aftermarket sector. Fitment data is one of the most important elements. There are thousands of specific vehicle builds and a number of components and parts. ACES compliance is required for a fitment check in order for a catalog’s specifications to be valid.

For example, an ACES fitment record might include the following information: Year, Make, Model, Sub-model, Engine type, Trim level, etc.

ACES data standard is significant because it allows parts suppliers to send a single, standardized product description to retailers. It saves time and reduces the chances of errors. If you do not comply with ACES, it may lead to negative consequences:

  • Incorrect product information displayed on your website & catalogs.
  • Missed sales opportunities due to inaccurate information.
  • Difficulty in fulfilling orders correctly and on time.
  • Damage to your company’s reputation due to false product information.

How to manage ACES Fitment data

There are two ways of managing fitment data:

  1. Manually and 2. Electronically

The aftermarket data suppliers, such as Amazon and eBay Motors, offer compatibility catalogs or charge a fee to access them. Manual managing of data is when retailers enter ACES fitment data into their catalogs themselves and this can be done by keying the data directly, importing it from a supplier, or downloading it as a spreadsheet.

Second is electronic management, where retailers manage ACES Fitment data electronically using software tools. This is done by including ACES fitment data into a catalog management system or using a dedicated ACES fitment management tool. The advantage of electronic management is faster than manual management.

For retailers’ catalog to be ACES complaint, the following must be done:

  • All the product identifiers (such as parts numbers and manufacturers) must match those in ACES and PIES databases.
  • The correct ACES category should be assigned to each product.
  • Each product must have at least an image associated with it.
  • Fitting information must conform to ACES standards.

The database consists of every piece of information required to effectively and professionally make progress in a business. You should consistently update the Amazon fitment database to ensure the latest automotive fitment information. Failing to do the above, may impact negatively on the retailers’ business. By using the ACES fitment management tool, you can be sure that you will meet all the requirements of the automotive aftermarket industry.

Do you have a problem managing fitment data?

Here is how PCFitment helps you in managing your catalog ACES fitment data.

PCFitment makes it easy to import ACES fitment data into your catalog and verify all the necessary requirements. It helps to boost your website conversion rates, reduce the return rates, and increases your sales.

PCFitment is the best option among every other agency in the market. PCFitment helps in Amazon ACES and Amazon Fitment data to let you gain more prospective customers. They consistently update the auto parts fitment database as per the AAIA standards to ensure your data is as per the demand of current customers. The company helps to sell auto parts on Amazon using fitment look up tool and ensure that part of the vehicle should be uploaded properly. They publish your updated data to Amazon or your e-commerce website instantly. As Amazon fitment tool regularly updates their vehicle table and these changes can make a huge impact on your automotive fitment. You don’t need to worry about this because PCFitment regularly tracks these updates and will notify you if your listing gets affected.  The company makes sure that fitment data shows up properly on Amazon Parts Finder and correctly links to the seller account.  So, start your 14-day free trial with .

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