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Renault Twizy upgraded by Bilstein

Just because you are a well known aftermarket specialist, it doesn’t mean that you can turn down a project like upgrading a Renault Twizy.

Especially when the person asking for the upgrade is none other than Sir Stirling Moss.

Renault Twizy by Bilstein

Renault Twizy by Bilstein

Being created as a simple solution to city navigation, the Renault Twizy doesn’t have that much to show, except for a very quirky design. And that is exactly why it is quite so popular.Even the Dubai Police force got one, dressed it up in their livery and parade it around town.

Renault Twizy by Bilstein

Renault Twizy by Bilstein

Returning to the matter at hand, the upgrade to this particular Renault Twizy is slim, but still a good challenge. Sir Stirling Moss simply wanted to improve the handling on the small city car, and Bilstein seemed like the right choice for the job. Apart from the tuner’s involvement, the Renault Twizy also has a very nice hue of green on it and a unique license plate, SM 7.


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