Ferrari Purosangue Widebody Kit by Pogea Racing 

In the realm of Ferrari tuning, Pogea Racing emerges as a bold contender, daring to redefine the aesthetic boundaries of the Ferrari Purosangue. Straying from the norm, Pogea Racing’s modification discards the typical SUV-centric styling cues, opening the door to a vision that resonates more with enthusiasts seeking a fusion of performance and sleek design.

Exterior: A Departure from Convention

The digital renders reveal a transformation that catches the eye. Gone are the dark carbon elements around the wheels, replaced by a strikingly sleek profile that challenges the traditional SUV silhouette. The widened arches house 23-inch front and 24-inch rear forged wheels from Jules, shooed in Michelin rubber. The subtle widening of the arches and the lowered stance contributes to a visually arresting presence, blurring the lines between a utility vehicle and a captivating station wagon.

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Exterior Enhancements: Form Meets Function

Pogea Racing‘s endeavour extends beyond the visual to introduce functional enhancements. A new set of vents of the front fenders hints at an aerodynamic purpose, although specifics on their functionality remain undisclosed. The widened fenders necessitate adjustments to the fascias, giving rise to new front and rear bumpers. These components, adorned with a carbon fibre splitter at the front and a distinctive carbon diffuser at the rear, redefine the Purosangue’s rear aesthetics.

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The rear transformation doesn’t stop there; a central exhaust exit with four tips integrates seamlessly into the new carbon diffuser. The rocker panels, too, undergo a redesign, featuring carbon extensions at the rear. The amalgamation of these changes paints a picture of a Purosangue that not only captures attention but also enhances aerodynamic efficiency.


While Pogea Racing embraces the prowess of KW Suspensions to lower the ride height, it sparks a debate on the compromise between aesthetics and the engineering marvel crafted by Multimatic. The Purosangue, known for its advanced suspension system, faces a divergence from its original design ethos in pursuit of a more aggressive and streamlined appearance.

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Interior: Carbon Fiber and Goodies

While specific details on the interior modifications are yet to be unveiled, Pogea Racing promises an infusion of additional carbon fibre and leather. The promise of a heightened interior experience suggests that the reimagined Purosangue won’t just captivate onlookers from the outside but will also envelop its occupants in an ambience of luxury and performance.

Powertrain: A Symphony of Power

Pogea Racing hints at a significant powertrain upgrade, envisioning a transformation of the 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12. The promise of boosting the factory output of 715 horsepower to a formidable 820 hp raises the bar for performance enthusiasts. The anticipated turbocharging infusion aligns with Pogea Racing’s ambition to reshape the Purosangue into a powerhouse that transcends Maranello’s original vision.

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Conclusion: Redefining the Purosangue Legacy

Pogea Racing’s foray into Ferrari Purosangue tuning is a testament to the unyielding spirit of automotive customization. The widebody kit not only redefines the exterior aesthetics but also invites a conversation about the delicate balance between form and function. As the Purosangue with Pogea Racing’s signature takes centre stage at the upcoming SEMA, it beckons enthusiasts to ponder the possibilities of pushing the boundaries of Ferrari elegance and performance. Will the Purosangue with a widebody kit find its place among the cherished icons of automotive customization? Only time will unveil the legacy that Pogea Racing and the reimagined Purosangue carve in the ever-evolving tapestry of automotive artistry.

As Pogea Racing continues to evolve, each project becomes a canvas for automotive expression. The company’s legacy is not just in the metal it shapes but in the stories it creates on the asphalt. With the Ferrari Purosangue poised to make waves at SEMA, Pogea Racing invites enthusiasts to witness the next chapter in its storied history, where each project is not just a modification but a testament to the artistry of automotive performance.

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Written by Eduard Huma

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