Rare 2015 Dodge Viper Street Serpent Available for Sale

It is not every day we get to see a rare Dodge Viper supercar on the streets, but these days, 9 unique 2015 Dodge Viper Street Serpent models have been put for a display at the SuperVettura Sunningdale dealership.

Well, not only for a display, as each model is also available for sale at a good 79,950 GBP. The special price reveals a special model, built to commemorate the Motorsport Competition Coupe.

As we can depict from the photos, this 2015 Dodge Viper Street Serpent wraps a gorgeous Graphite Grey exterior, coming along with a standout SRT-10 wide body and, has arrived from the US with just 10,000 miles on board and a bunch of custom modifications.

The Hand Made Limited Run Dodge Viper Street Serpent is also coming with a hard top finished in the same Graphite Grey, even if we cannot see it here in the photos, as the model has never had to use it.

Other modifications include the manual transmission, custom made HRE 3 Piece Wheels, Stainless Steel Accents, Quality Wires (Custom Spark Plug Wires), SCT XCalibur ECU Flash Unit and Maps, ATI Crank Damper & Pulley, K & N Intake System as well as the Belanger Full Exhaust System and Headers.

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Written by Eduard Huma

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