Dodge Challenger SRT by Forgiato

The Dodge Challenger SRT is one of the most iconic American vehicles. It embodies the spirit of the United States of America. The Dodge Challenger is also one of the most popular vehicles in the United States which is probably why the people over at Forgiato decided to create a unique model amongst all of the other ordinary Challengers. It is clear from the end result that Forgiato wanted from the beginning to impress all the Dodge fans.

The center of attention is represented, of course, by the applied set of rims. You can tell that by the sheer size of the rims and by the nice, almost hard to detect, cobalt trim. The Forgiato Appuntito-ECL rims are simple, yet very stylish. Even if it may seem hard to believe, the newly applied rims give this car a different personality. The rims make this particular Dodge Challenger SRT stand out.

Dodge Challenger SRT by Forgiato

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The rims are wrapped up in a nice set of Pirelli P Zero tires. While they give the Dodge Challenger SRT a complete, new look, they also help improve performance on account of better grip. The car itself looks mean. The installed body kit contributes to the aggressive look of the vehicle. The car’s personality is definitely more noticeable. One of the few things that could be improved with the stock Challenger SRT were the rims, however, Forgiato managed to fix this problem by adding their own custom touch to the equation.

Dodge Challenger SRT by Forgiato

The engine of the Dodge Challenger SRT is a 485HP beast. With this particular vehicle, what is under the hood is perfectly matched by what you can notice on the outside. The sound of the car is enough to convince any automotive enthusiast of the power that lies within this vehicle. It is, in fact, one of the few vehicle models, that any car fan would want to drive for at least a few hours. The Challenger has a lot of style, but at the same time, it has sheer power to back its looks up.

Dodge Challenger SRT by Forgiato

The Dodge Challenger SRT by Forgiato is by far one of the most interesting Dodge build projects so far this year. The guys over at Forgiato have done a great job giving this Dodge Challenger a bit more personality. Driving this car down the street will get you noticed for sure. The Dodge Challenger SRT is an iconic car. The added upgrades build on this particularity. They further develop the vehicle’s already existing particularities in order to make it more noticeable.

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Written by Tudor Sprinceana

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