Saab 9-5R versus honda CBR 1000cc RR

Saab 9-5R versus Honda CBR 1000cc RR

When it comes to drag racing, pitting a car against a motorcycles is most of the times severely unfair, with the bike being able to take off much faster.

However, this is not exactly the case with this particular Saab 9-5R, which takes on a Honda CBR 1000cc RR.

Saab 9-5R versus honda CBR 1000cc RR


Saab 9-5R versus honda CBR 1000cc RR

To be completely fair, the Saab has seen a bit of alteration at the hands of tuners, but then again, so has the Honda. First off, let’s talk about the Saab. This is the first generation 9-5R, which in stock form, would not be able to beat a hearse in a drag race. Luckily, this Saab has been tuned to an impressive 815 Hp.

In order to achieve this, a Turbonetics Race Precision 6262 Turbo was installed, along with all the needed parts for both air intake and exhaust. From Quaife the owner installed a new transmission and a limited slip differential. To complete the package, a new clutch was installed as well as Porsche brakes.

As for the Honda CBR, it is not stock either, as it was also pushed to some 185 Hp. To understand exactly how these two machines square off, watch the video just below.

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Written by Andrei C.

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