BMW M4 body by Vorsteiner

SEMA brings the Vorsteiner GTRS4 kit

Following a very nice preview of their project for the BMW M4, Vorsteiner took the opportunity of the 2014 SEMA to present their GTRS4 body kit.

Fit for the BMW M4, the body kit is not that big a surprise, as the earlier preview was quite revealing.

BMW M4 body by Vorsteiner


BMW M4 body by Vorsteiner

Still, that doesn’t mean there is nothing left to admire at the aftermarket build. As you might have expected, the new wheel arches are quite wide, making for a nice visual and also allowing the tuner to fit a new set of wheels on the BMW M4. With the flared arches, new bumpers also had to be designed.

BMW M4 body by Vorsteiner
BMW M4 body by Vorsteiner

A nice touch on the whole project is the GTS front splitter and the rear diffuser, both made out of carbon fiber. All in all, this is a great way to celebrate 10 years of working on BMW cars, but Vorsteiner thought that was not enough. They even took the time to work a bit on the ECU, and after all the tinkering, the BMW M4 now develops some 550 Hp, reportedly.

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Written by Andrei C.

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