2024 BMW XM Massive Body Kit by Renegade Design

The Renegade Tuning house is well-known for its massive and outrageous body kits carried out on BMW SUVs, each project representing the tuner`s signature of dedication and craftmanship in delivering the most prominent results. Let`s delve into this gorgeous project performed on the 2024 BMW XM, thoroughly detailed below.

Exterior – An Aggressive Look

When it comes to the world of BMW M models, the XM may not have appealed to everyone, at least at the beginning. However, Renegade Design is determined to change that perception by equipping the 2024 BMW XM with a massive Body Kit, a standout, limited-edition kit designed to turn heads and make a statement. With just ten units available, this showcases Renegade Design`s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable style.

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A Sleek Elegance in Glossy Black

The first variant of this body kit is a marvel of black elegance. The striking contrast between the Crayon Grey vinyl wrap on the bodywork is undeniably attention grabbing. The wider fenders, splitter, matching side sills, rear bumper extension, diffuser and intake garnishes at both ends, all redefine the exterior of the XM. However, what truly steals the show is the wing that adds a touch of aggression to the SUV`s silhouette. Completing the look are massive 23-inch alloy wheels with a ten-spoke design that perfectly complement its aesthetic.

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An All Black Transformation with an Edgy Vibe

For those who prefer a different appearance, our second example takes this body kit to another level.The XM undergoes a captivating transformation with the treatment being highlighted by exposed carbon fiber elements. From the driver`s seat you can see the carbon fiber add-on on the hood, which adds an exciting dimension to the driving experience. The black SUV is equipped with striking 23-inch alloy wheels that catch the eye with red brake calipers peeking out from behind.

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Renegade Design pays attention to every detail leaving no stone unturned. The XM emblem receives a touch of red creating an appealing harmony that flows throughout the exterior. This meticulous attention extends to the interior as well. The cabin is dominated by red leather upholstery that seamlessly connects with the aesthetic.

Interior – Redefined Luxury with a Bold Flair

When you step into the cabin of the 2024 BMW XM featuring Renegade Design`s in-house features, you’ll find yourself in a space where luxury meets style. The vibrant red leather upholstery creates an eye catching contrast that takes the interior to high levels of elegance. Renegade Design`s dedication doesn’t stop at enhancing only the exterior, they also ensure that every aspect of the XM reflects a blend of luxury and sportiness.

Performance – Unleashing the Power

Renegade Design`s focus may lie in aesthetics, but performance is also an important attribute. Beneath its stylish exterior the BMW XM retains its impressive power. Equipped with a stock PHEV powertrain, this beastly SUV delivers a jaw dropping 738 horsepower and an equal amount of torque. Its combination of a turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 engine and a single electric motor provides an exhilarating driving experience that perfectly complements the vehicles design.

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Beyond Mechanics – The Artistry of Renegade Design

While Renegade Design`s body kit does not involve modifications to the chassis or powertrain, it represents a unique kind of technology – the craftsmanship behind it. Each body kit is meticulously created and comes with its unique number, ensuring exclusivity for only ten fortunate individuals who have the opportunity to undergo this remarkable transformation. Renegade Design showcases their commitment to quality and precision through every curve and contour that adorns their body kit.

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A Touch of Exclusivity – The Priceless Offering

Renegade Design keeps secret the pricing details for these body kits adding an air of mystery and exclusivity to the package. While exact costs remain undisclosed, one thing is certain – those who invest in the 2024 BMW XM Body Kit are not merely purchasing enhancements, they are acquiring a masterpiece of automotive art.

2024 BMW XM by Renegade Design – Video

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Written by Eduard Huma

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