Dahler Enhances New BMW X4 with Power Kit and Aero Parts

When it comes to BMW customizations, some German tuning firms like Manhart, Mansory or Hamann, are master at creating exquisite aero kits and power upgrades for a lot of models. And we have seen plenty of SUVs from the company`s X lineup with such great wrapping.

However, the latest tuner to develop a power upgrade and a couple of visual enhancements on an X model is not from German. It is called Dahler, it comes from Switzerland and also creates impressive visuals. Dahler is well-known for transforming cars from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche and much more.

Now, the Swiss technicians have turned their attention towards the brand-new BMW X4, in both forms, the M40i and M40d. Both are available with a series of enhancements and power upgrades under the hood.

From a visual perspective, the X4 (the M40d is displayed in the media gallery below) comes with new front and rear bumpers, wider wheels (sized 9 x 21-inch and 10.5 x 21-inch front and rear, respectively), adding as well an in-house built Dahler stainless steel exhaust system with no less than four tailpipes which announces a power increase and wilder engine sound.

Besides that, the SUV is also lowered, as it received a sport suspension setup with shock absorbers that provide greater stance and grip.

Performance wise, the stock BMW X4 M40i is powered by a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine, developing 350 PS and 500 Nm of torque. However, with the tuner`s ECU remapping and new turbos, the M40i is now capable to churn out 420 PS and 630 Nm of torque, resulting an increase of 60 PS and 130 Nm of torque.

There is also good news for those owning the top of the line X4 M40d, the tuner also offering a tuning offer. The same stock engine puts it to 326 PS and 680 Nm of torque. Now, with the new power upgrade, the topper got no less than 380 PS and 780 Nm of torque, which is quite impressive. We would have loved hearing about the performance figures it the straight line, but for the moment, the tuner chose not to reveal that for the moment. Hopefully we get updates pretty soon!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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