Tesla Model S by SS Customs

It seems that over 5 percent of Tesla’s employees are veterans, and considering this, Tesla is a big supporter of veterans.

Couple that with the U.S. Veteran’s Day, and you can understand why they contacted SS Customs to create a unique Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S by SS Customs


Tesla Model S by SS Customs

The modifications the tuner applied to the Model S are purely aesthetic, unless you care to include the various army tools that were put on top of the car. Other than that, it is quite obvious that a camo wrap was applied to the body, with carious decals and the US Army star.

Tesla Model S by SS Customs
Tesla Model S by SS Customs

The headlights also received a nice yellow tint, while the rear windows got a distinctive foil, which reminisces of various armored vehicles of the WWII period. Last but now least, the wheels also received a nice camo paint. If we were to couple the camo with the silent electric powertrain, this Tesla Model S by SS Customs would do a nice job of sneaking up on someone. But for now it will just be a nice way for the company to give something back.

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Written by Andrei C.

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