Golden Mercedes S63 AMG by Brabus

If you think black is becoming much too common for your tastes and that you definitely need something more opulent in order for you to make a decisive statement, then the guys at Brabus have the right thing for you, an 850PS Mercedes S63 AMG, also dubbed the Brabus 850.

The Brabus 850 can mostly be recognized after its bright golden paint, and carbon fiber accents. The satin gold, as it’s officialy named is not a horrific color as most might think, but a rather pleasing choice as it stands out without making the Mercedes S63 AMG seem kitschy.

Mercedes S63 AMG by Brabus


Mercedes S63 AMG by Brabus

Regarding its internals the Brabus 850 is fitted with a heavily reengineered V8 engine, with a bigger displacement (about 5.9L), larger turbochargers and thoroughly reworked exhaust manifolds all bringing the Brabus 850’s performance to an astonishing 838HP.

Mercedes S63 AMG by Brabus
Mercedes S63 AMG by Brabus

While Brabus hasn’t officially released any performance numbers or tables, the Brabus 850 most probably shares its engine with the iBusiness variant of the same S63 AMG which would roughly translate to a top speed of about 350km/h and a well deserved time of 3.5s for 0 to 100km/h.

Mercedes S63 AMG by Brabus
Mercedes S63 AMG by Brabus

We feel the luxurious and simultaneously special Brabus 850 will make a statement of its own through time and generations due to its ability to embody both style and wackiness all in one without overachieving any of the present aspects.

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Written by Tudor Sprinceana

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