Audi RS4 Rides on Vossen Wheels, Video Revealed

I am not that used to seeing a customized wagon in the United States, even if I don’t live overseas, as Americans are crazy about big cars, which perfectly suit their huge roads. Anyway this Audi RS4 seen here in the photo gallery is an exception.

And the exception is the one-off set of customized wheels from the Vossen Wheels Tuning, which is another high-end tuner division from the wheeling market. And Americans are also crazy about customized wheels.

Audi RS4 on Vossen Wheels


Audi RS4 on Vossen Wheels

This Audi RS4 has thus received the limited edition VLE-1 wheels, sized 20×10.5 front and rear and coming in the Silver Metallic finish, which provide the sports car with a greater stance, thanks to the lower springs and the new air suspension as well.

Audi RS4 on Vossen Wheels
Audi RS4 on Vossen Wheels

Surely that the Audi RS4 wasn’t just the subject of a wheel fitting, the hot European sports car also receiving some body style makeovers, thanks to the aftermarket specialists from the De` Caudella tuning division.

Audi RS4 on Vossen Wheels
Audi RS4 on Vossen Wheels

The Audi RS4 has been also body tweaked, the German car fitting new bumpers and front fenders, as well as rear quarters, all components being purchased from Europe. And add up the gorgeous and rare Audi`s Merlin Purple and you have a hell-of-a-ride. A photo gallery and a video are also available below. Enjoy and tell us what you feel about it!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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