Videos: 2022 Audi SQ8 with Whopping 1,061HP, Installation by Power Division

Introduction – The Powerhouse and Its Polish Star

In the ending quest for speed, Germany’s trio of horsepower known as the A B M triplets – Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz – are always pushing the limits of performance engineering. Among them, Audi stands out as the leader, especially when teaming up with their partners at the Power Division from Poland.

The latest testament to their collaboration is the awe-inspiring Audi SQ8, a four-door SUV Coupe that has rewritten records with a 62-124 mph time of 5.41 seconds. Let’s now explore the details of this powerhouse.

2022 Audi SQ8 by Power Division Media Gallery 17

Unprecedented Acceleration – Setting a New Standard

Thanks to the expertise of Power Division, the 2022 Audi SQ8 has achieved a feat in its sprint from 100 to 200 kph (62 124 mph), clocking in at 5.41 seconds. This accomplishment truly showcases their pursuit of speed and commitment to engineering excellence. Equally noteworthy is its acceleration time from 0 to 100 kph (62 mph) which stands at 2.81 seconds – quite an amazing achievement for a luxurious hatchback weighing over two tons.

2022 Audi SQ8 by Power Division Media Gallery 12

Power Division`s Expertise Unleashed – Unleashing Power and Torque

Poland`s high-end Power Division tuning company has taken the 2022 Audi SQ8 to some serious modifications. The powerful turbo four-liter engine comes alive with a staggering 1,061 horsepower (1,076 PS) and a formidable 926 lb-ft (1,256 Nm) of torque. This results in a 800 horsepower / 811 PS at the wheels highlighting the improvements made through tuning. It’s important to mention that this beast is equipped with Quattro technology, and the noticeable decrease of 20% in measurements between the crank and ground, further emphasizes its strength.

2022 Audi SQ8 by Power Division Media Gallery 3

Beneath the Surface -Turbochargers and More

Taking center stage in the pursuit of increased power, turbochargers become an upgrade to amplify the stock power rating by 100%. Alongside these turbochargers, various other components such as fuel systems, exhaust manifold, air intake, intercoolers, and a water meth injection kit work in harmony to enhance the engine’s force. The meticulous replacement of these parts exemplified in the Power Division`s video demonstrations highlights the precision involved in crafting this vehicle.

2022 Audi SQ8 by Power Division Media Gallery 9

Maintaining Control and Braking Efficiency – Ensuring Stability at High Velocities

Maintaining control at speeds is no easy task; however, the SQ8 achieves it through carbon ceramic brakes that provide exceptional stopping power. Additionally, an aerodynamic kit complements these performance enhancements by cutting through the air and ensuring stability. All these elements work harmoniously under the supervision of a Stage 4 ECU—a masterpiece from Power Division—orchestrating a symphony of power and precision.

2022 Audi SQ8 by Power Division Media Gallery 8

The Cost of Performance – Exclusivity at a Hefty Price

For those who desire top-tier performance levels, acquiring an Audi SQ8 customized by Power Division comes with a hefty price tag – €223,860 (equivalent to around $243,750 based on Federal Reserve legal tender rates, as of December 2nd, 2023). This investment does not only guarantee you a car, it is also a remarkable piece of engineering that comes with a full warranty. It’s truly a testament to the confidence in the craftsmanship that went into creating this powerhouse.

2022 Audi SQ8 by Power Division Media Gallery 11

Final Thoughts – A Masterpiece of Power and Precision

In the realm of high-performance SUVs, the 2022 Audi SQ8 tuned by Power Division stands as an embodiment of what happens when engineering expertise meets a pursuit of perfection. The thunderous sound produced by its 1,000 horsepower engine, its lightning acceleration, and its impeccable control at speeds redefine the limits of what is achievable. For enthusiasts, the Audi SQ8 is more than just a vehicle, it’s, like experiencing a symphony composed of power and precision. It effortlessly traverses through time and space establishing a benchmark in the domain of performance automotive engineering. Press. Be prepared to witness a showcase of automotive excellence.

2022 Audi SQ8 by Power Division Video Presentations 

2022 Audi SQ8 by Power Division Media Gallery

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Written by Eduard Huma

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