Audi TT RS by Hperformance

I think Audi TT RS is an extremely hot and aggressive sports car coming with sheer power under the hood, but sometimes, TT RS owners want the most out of the car. So the owner of this gorgeous TT RS decided to take it to Hperformance tuner for some extra power upgrades.

The aftermarket specialists from the German tuner Hperformance have given this Audi TT RS a special power treatment, the model being fitted with a lot of goodies under the hood. All of these are part of the MTR-Performance control software.

They first started with a custom GTX-35 turbocharger, hooked to the Hperformance exhaust manifold, along with the 90mm air intake tubes, intercooler, as well as the 90mm Clubsport exhaust system.

Hperformance have also added the new high-pressure fuel-pump with optimized fuel lines, spring-borne sintered metal clutch, new injectors, Audi R8 ceramic brakes and so on.

The MTR-Performance control software is making the Audi TT RS churn out an impressive 750 horsepower and 880 Nm of torque. Unfortunately, the tuner has not released any performance figures, but in case you want to have your own TT RS exactly like this one, then you should know that the entire power kit costs no less than 50,000 euros. But from what I stand, I guess it`s worth the price.

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Written by Eduard Huma

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