Sic Load Chevrolet Silverado by Sic Ryde

I am not sure how to call this 3500HD Crew Cab Long Box Dual Rear Wheel model, now being transformed in something truly farfetched for some or amazing for others.

I personally think that the aftermarket specialists from Sic Ryde tuning wanted to brake the common sense rules and developed this Sic Load Chevrolet Silverado, with the help of the guys from Forgiato tuning.

Taking a look at the model, everything seems to be out of place, exaggerated and really disgusting with the extreme body parts.

We can thus depict the wide front flaps, side skirts, new rear-end or running boards. The cargo box at the rear was a real failure from the start, the tuner failing to provide that SUV-like look. And of course, we are dealing here with an extreme “bagging” treatment, complemented by the ridiculously massive Forgiato wheels.

Now, with the truck`s practicality being all ruined, we might guess that the guys from Sic Ryde took the Sic Load Chevrolet Silverado out for some driving on bumpy roads. We should foresee any damages being brought to the truck.

What do you think?

Written by Eduard Huma

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