Rolls Royce Tuning

Rolls-Royce Phantom by Hamann

A lot of people out there are not used to seeing a Rolls-Royce receiving a tuning treatment and each time they see one, they think of it as a ridiculous thing. I mean, why the heck would someone try modify a Rolls-Royce model, the epiphany of luxury and old-fashion style?

But for once in awhile a certain model pops-in, wearing a cool aero kit and some extra ponies under the hood. We have already been accustomed with the Wraith or the Phantom being adorned with new and cool body parts.

This Phantom seen here is also another example of a well-done vehicle, especially since it wears the marks of German tuner Hamann. However, this one here does not abound with a plethora of body style parts, the tuner just added a set of new wheels, which perfectly complements the factory body.

The wheels are finished in anodized black and provide the model with a more aggressive look, along with the new lowering springs which have lowered the car`s ride height. We are dealing here with a 30mm drop which also gives a greater stance.

Surprise, surprise! The tuner has also brought some mods under the hood! The engine kit with the remapped ECU makes this Phantom scream 535 horsepower and impressive 835 Nm of torque, at a topping of 300 km/h.


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