ByDesign Mercedes SLS with Cool ADV.1 Wheels

The Mercedes SLS is a real blast from the past and even if it was replaced by the new and meaner AMG GT, the sports car is still a genuine inspiration for aftermarket shops.

The Arab aftermarket specialists from ByDesing tuner have had the great opportunity of launching a new and daring aftermarket project on this exquisite Mercedes SLS, the model receiving a new set of wheels and a few aftermarket body parts.

We are used to seeing a lot of bimmers having the privilege of getting the ADV.1 wheels from the famous ADV.1 Wheels tuner, and each time it happened, the look was absolutely magnificent, even if few mods were added to the cars` bodies.

The same thing is here, as the Mercedes SLS already comes with an extremely wide and aggressive looks, and all it needed was the new ADV.1 wheels. We are dealing here with the gloss black ADV6.2 MV2 Competition Series lightweight forged aluminum rims, which provide the model with a meaner attitude.

Other mods involve the lowered suspension, which lowers the car`s ride height, for improved stability and greater stance.

Under the hood, the ByDesign Mercedes SLS still packs the same and legendary 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine, which churns out a full 570 horsepower. Now we have it all, great body riding on standout wheels and some really mean horses under the hood.

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Written by Eduard Huma

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