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Mercedes 280SL EV Roadster Electrification by Moment Motor Company, Comes at Hefty Price


Texas-based tuner Moment Motor Company felt like transforming a classic Mercedes 280SL Roadster into a genuine electric vehicle along with some modifications carried out at the exterior. Mechanical goodies have also been added. All this comes at a hefty price of $250,000.

Embracing the fusion of tradition and innovation, in Austin Texas, the Moment Motor Company is revolutionizing the world of car restoration. With a dedication to electro-modifications its mission goes beyond just creating noiseless drives, it aims to redefine the entire driving experience. In a market saturated with electromods, Moment Motor Company takes an approach by selecting classic models that can be transformed into something extraordinary.

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The Mercedes 280SL Roadster – A Meticulous Choice

Regarded as a work of art from yesteryears, the Mercedes 280SL roadster perfectly fits Moment Motor Company`s vision for vehicle conversions. Its size lends itself well to accommodating an optimal battery capacity while seamlessly blending luxury with the performance of a drivetrain.

The Design Journey – From 3D Modeling to Electrifying Transformations

At Moment Motor Company every design undertaken is approached with care and precision. The engineers embark on an analysis of each 280SL model before employing cutting edge CAD imaging technology, in order to create 3D models for their conversion projects. These digital blueprints serve as guides for their EV conversion plans that aim to preserve the weight balance and handling characteristics found in the vehicle.

Mercedes 280SL EV by Moment Motor Company 9

Speaking of electrifying, Marc Davis, CEO of the company stated: “Moment Motor Company specializes in fully engineered complete solutions that account for the incredible complexities that integrating a modern EV powertrain entails. Our builds reverently retain the integrity and design of the original vehicle while safely applying the fun, smile-inducing exhilaration of EV power.”

Power and Performance – What’s Under the Hood

When it comes to the 280SL, Moment Motor Company doesn’t compromise on power. The experts equipped this conversion with a 62 kWh battery pack that offers a range of 175 miles. The roadster is powered by a three-phase magnet motor delivering 300 horsepower (224 kW/304 PS) and 370 lb ft (502 Nm) of torque. With integrated control systems, for brakes, steering, heating and air conditioning, the 280SL has been transformed into a marvel while still retaining its charm.

Mercedes 280SL EV by Moment Motor Company 20

The Price of Exclusivity – A Hefty Tag

As it is often the case with ellectrified offerings, a Mercedes 280SL with Moment Motor Company comes at a hefty price. The tuning firm collaborated with Unique Cars of Palm Beach to source perfectly restored 280SLs and offer cars for $250,000. Alternatively, if you already own this beauty, Moment Motor Company can perform the conversion for $135,000.

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Everrati`s Pagoda – Redefining Electric Elegance

While Moment Motor Company breathes life into the 280SL model, another famous tuner Everrati, takes on a venture with its own twist on another classic – the SL “Pagoda.”

Mercedes SL Pagoda by Everrati 3

A Masterpiece in Motion – The Reversible Transformation

Everrati`s approach echoes its commitment to preserving both value and originality throughout their work. The SL “Pagoda” has been transformed in a way saying goodbye to its six-cylinder engine and embracing an electric powertrain developed by the company itself.

Speaking of power, there are two versions. The basic one delivers 174 horsepower (129 kW/176 PS) and 240 Nm (177 lb ft) of torque, while the top spec model unleashes 300 horsepower (224 kW/304 PS) and 300 Nm (221 lb ft) of torque. Everrati claims that it can reach the speed as the stock petrol powered SL, which is 124 mph (200 km/h), with an improved acceleration from 0 60 mph (97 km/h) in under 7 seconds.

Mercedes SL Pagoda by Everrati 1

Equipped with a battery pack of 68 kWh, the electric SL offers a range that exceeds 200 miles (322 km) before needing to recharge. Everrati ensures that the weight distribution remains faithful to the design safeguarding its driving dynamics without any compromise. The starting cost for EV converted Pagoda is around £295,000 ($358,053).

Final Thoughts

Both Moment Motor Company and Everrati redefine cars they bring together tradition and innovation. The Mercedes 280SL and the SL “Pagoda” have been electrified to preserve their timeless elegance while transforming them into marvels. While the price may seem high each conversion embodies exclusivity and innovation making it an investment, in a future where classic cars seamlessly embrace power without losing their essence.

Mercedes 280SL EV by Moment Motor Company – Media Gallery

Mercedes SL Pagoda by Everrati – Media Gallery

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Written by Eduard Huma

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