BMW X6 M Is Outrageously Powerful with the New Power Stages from G-Power

The famous duo G-Power and BMW X6 M are making the headlines again in another impressive tuning project that could make jealous even a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

This gorgeous and blacked-out BMW X6 M has received a new power boost under the hood, the entire process being carried out by the German technicians from G-Power shop, who know the model in-and-out.

We are dealing here with three power stages, each one gradually increasing the SUV`s power and throttle, and adding as well some important mechanical characteristics.

In the stock version, the BMW X6 M is packing a massive 4.4-liter V8 engine, with 567 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque. However, the G-Power`s Stage 1 increases the power to 641 horsepower a d 850 Nm of torque, that thanks to the Bi-Tronik 5 V1 power module.

Next, the Stage 2 refers to the fitting of two power modules, the Bi-Tronik 5 V2 and Bi-Tronik 2 V2, meaning a total of 690 horsepower and 905 Nm of torque. Finally, Stage 3 is even more outrageous with the new turbochargers, custom stainless steel downpipes, bespoke titanium exhaust system with four 100 mm diameter tailpipes and two rear silencers.

All makes the BMW X6 M even more powerful: 739 horsepower and 980 Nm of torque. This allows a quarter sprint in just 11.5 seconds, which is extremely impressive and mind-blowing. Other bits that help the X6 M achieve so much power refer to the GX6M-RS coil-over suspension system as well as the massive 23-inch Hurricane FF Forged wheels for a much more aggressive look.

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Written by Eduard Huma

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