Video: Audi RS7 by PP-Performance Is Mega-Powerful

There are some outstanding hardcore versions from Audi that I am crazy about, like the RS6, RS7, or RS8, and that’s because they are the best in the entire lineup, thanks to their exquisite body styling cues and impressive performance under the hood. And because they can be easily upgraded with power boost.

The Audi RS7 seen here is one the hottest within the lineup, with the same attributes that I have mentioned above. In the hands of tuner however, things are looking differently. Imagine an RS7 stock delivering 500 horsepower and one being customized with a proper kit to deliver a staggering 745 horsepower or even more.

This dream might become reality if you take your own model to the PP-Performance`s shop. The technicians over there will know what to do with it.

Their secret ingredients refer to a Stage II power kit, which allows the model to deliver a total of 745 horsepower. That is also possible thanks to the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system weighing just 8.1 kg.

But that is not all. If you are crazy enough to test your RS7 to the max, than go ahead and fit it with custom downpipes and BMW performance air filter, adding new turbochargers as well; this way you will get to enjoy a whopping 1,008 Nm of torque.

You are also aware that this power kit doesn’t work alone and some other mechanical bits must be also added. So, you will have to install 21-inch Schmidt Revolution alloy wheels or the KW adjustable springs. Now you can say you have a complete Audi RS7 with proper power boost!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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