Porsche Cayenne Gets Prior Design Wide Aero Kit from NRW

While some may find the Porsche Cayenne in all its forms an ugly, rugged SUV with a bulk design, I personally love it, and the fact that is prefered in the tuning world, it makes me think that the model is indeed a real hit on the market.

I mean, take the latest generation BMW X5 & X6 M, which in many people`s opinion is just another big muscled SUV, with no personality whatsover. And that makes it one of the most appreciated SUVs on the market.

And after seening this Cayenne getting the outrageous and insane Prior Design`s wide aero kit, and still think it`s an ugly car, then you really heave a problem with the model. But hey, it`s your own opinion and I respect that.

Prior Design is those few tuners that knows Porsche products in-and-out and that would be the key to successfully transforming this Cayenne into something more aggressive and head-turner. And that is the main reason they entrusted NRW tuner to perform the installation process.

The aero kit has all the ingredients for such an SUV – it comes with bespoke front and rear bumpers, chin spoilers, wide air intakes, glass black accents, rear tailpipes, fender extensions, side sills, rear spoiler or vented bonnet. Also, the technicians have also installed the new stainless steel sport exhaust system and custom suspension system.

The entire new look is complemented with the massive 22-inch alloy wheels, which perfectly blend in with the car`s Mother-of-Pearl matter white. Now you can take a closer look at the newly customized Porsche Cayenne and tell us what your think about the aer kit!

What do you think?

Written by Eduard Huma

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