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The Supercharged Porsche 911 by Theon Design is more than a simple restomod, it represents a crafted work of automotive art. Drawing inspiration from the Porsche 964, Theon Design has managed to create an exterior that seamlessly combines tradition and modernity. While preserving the timeless appeal of the 911, Theon Design adds touches to ensure that each vehicle becomes a masterpiece.

Exterior – Theon`s Signature Design

In contrast to its predecessor featuring carbon fiber bodywork, this Supercharged 911 boasts steel panels that have been skillfully hand-beaten for perfection. Despite the challenges and dedication required in working with steel, Theon Designs commitment to authenticity truly shines through. As a result, the car not retains the look of a 911 but also stands out as a symbol of precision and elegance.

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Interior – When Luxury Meets Craftmanship

Upon entering the interior, one is immediately immersed in a realm where luxury meets craftsmanship. The interior of the Supercharged 911 is a testament to Theon Design`s unwavering dedication in tailoring each car according to its owners preferences. With premium materials, bespoke finishes and modern amenities an opulent yet driver centric environment is created. The cabin of the car is given a touch of elegance, with turbine style air vents and a stylish transfer case switch. Although the space in the back is limited, the main focus remains on providing an immersive driving experience. Thoughtful attention has been also given to ergonomics as well. Controls are thoughtfully laid out with precision providing a user-friendly interface for the drivers.

Supercharged Porsche 911 by Theon Design 4

Engine – Redefined Power

At the core of the Supercharged 911 lies a tuned 3.6-liter engine; an optional 3.8-liter variant is available as well. What sets this apart is the supercharger which showcases the owner`s fondness for high performance vehicles. The integration of air conditioning and power steering enhances efficiency and weight distribution ultimately contributing to the performance of the 911.

Meticulous Engineering

Theon doesn’t simply modify, it transforms. The engine undergoes an upgrade featuring throttle bodies ported heads, a lighter bottom end and custom profile cams. As a result, this powerhouse delivers 326 hp and 465 lb ft of torque, offering an exhilarating controlled driving experience.

Supercharged Porsche 911 by Theon Design 2

Technology – Precise Drive by Wire System

Staying true to technology advancements, Theon presents a drive by wire system for the supercharged 911. This system works hand in hand with dampers to provide drivers with a smooth and responsive driving experience. The integration of this technology helps improve performance while keeping the essence of the 911 alive.

Pricing – Exclusivity Comes at a Price

Owning a Supercharged 911 by Theon is more than a purchase; it is an investment in automotive craftsmanship. The meticulous handcrafting, personalized features and exclusivity come with a price.

While the exact cost varies depending on customizations, the model is priced at around £380,000, plus taxes. Even if this might come as a hefty price, it does reflect the skill and artistry poured into each vehicle.

Final Thoughts – The Definition of 911 Perfection

The Supercharged 911 by Theon is not another car, it is an emotion embodied on wheels. The perfect combination of timeless design innovative engineering and bespoke craftsmanship, sets it apart in the realm of high performance automobiles. Theon`s dedication to tailoring each car to match the owners desires shines through every detail from the engine sound to the interior. As you navigate the roads in this Supercharged 911 you’re not merely driving; you’re conducting a symphony of power and precision. Theon has accomplished something by creating a Porsche 911 that’s not only incredibly fast but also an artistic masterpiece. This Supercharged 911 showcases Theon`s pursuit of perfection and for those fortunate enough to experience it firsthand every drive becomes a celebration of engineering brilliance.

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Written by Eduard Huma

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