McLaren 720S with HRE Wheels and Astonishing Azores Orange Body Wrap

The 720S is perhaps the most complete supercar from the McLaren`s entire model lineup. It shows off with an aggressive design language with advanced aerodynamics, while underneath its skin, it packs impressive power and performance figures.

And these are the best attributes that make it perfect for aftermarket customizations. Over the past years, we have witnessed amazing transformations, both at the exterior as well as inside the cabin. In the engine department however, most of the time tuners preferred to leave the power unchanged.

One of the latest programs created on a McLaren 720S comes from HRE Performance tuner and involves a new paintjob, along with the company`s in-house performance wheels. There are also other visual elements that make it a real show-off.

The McLaren 720S is wrapping the exotic Azores Orange colour around the body, and is complemented with black mirrors. To make it more spectacular, the technicians from HRE have also added their high-performance wheels.

We are looking here at their brand-new R101 20-inch alloy wheels, finished in Stone Dark Clear. The wheels are also extremely lightweight and weigh around 7,2 kg, which increase the power and performance of the car.

Besides the new wheels and Azores Orange colour, this magnificent 720S is also coming with black mirrors, roof and black pillars.

As for power under the hood, the model in question is no exception to the rule and also comes with a greater amount of power. According to close source to the tuner, this 720S has been modified to such extend that it now delivers around 800 horsepower, quite impressive compared with the stock 720 horsepower.

And even if we don’t have any official numbers and figures, we expect it to sprint from 0 to 200 km/h in less than 10 seconds, which is quite amazing. We surely hope to hear from it in the following period. Meanwhile, take a closer look at the media gallery below!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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