Mansory Reskins McLaren 720S with Carbon Fiber Accessories

The German based tuner firm Mansory is well-known for its massive and aggressive programs mostly carried out on BMW products. The tuner`s preferred takes is on different SUVs from the X lineup, mainly on the X5 or X6 with their hardcore M variants.

However, the aftermarket specialists from Mansory also develop standout programs for other hot models from McLaren, Ferrari or Lamborghini. And their latest take involves the hot 720S supercar from McLaren.

The model looks enhanced from a visual standpoint, with new aerodynamics that increase the supercar`s downforce, providing better stability and increased grip. And the McLaren 720S by Mansory was also unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show a couple of weeks ago.

The McLaren 720S by Mansory comes with increased aerodynamics and better engine ventilation, thanks to the wing extensions, side skirts, more aggressive diffuser at the back and new massive rear wing, the latter one also generating more downforce at high-speeds.

The supercar performs at its best also because of the new one-piece ultralight forged Yavin alloy wheels, measuring 20 x 9.5 and 21 x 11 front and rear, respectively, wrapped as well in low-profile and high-performance tires. There is also the new suspension system with lowering springs.

Inside, the cabin welcomes you with some new enhancements signed by Mansory as well. We are dealing here with premium materials on the cockpit, special floor mats, new airbag steering wheel and much more, all enhancing the driver`s comfort when pushing the pedal to the metal on Germany`s Autobahn.

Performance wise, the McLaren 720S by Mansory is also tweaked with new power gismos under the hood. The aftermarket specialists have added an ECU remapping and in-house built exhaust system with upgraded catalytic converters and pneumatic flap control.

With the new bump in power, this special built McLaren 720S by Mansory packs a total of 755 horsepower, available at 7,300 rpm and 780 Nm of torque, available at 5,600 rpm. This translates in a standstill to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds, at a top speed which has also been modified to a whopping 345 km/h.

A couple of photos also described the tuner`s new project on the carbon-fibered McLaren 720S. Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to share your opinions with us!


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Written by Eduard Huma

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