1964 Lincoln Continental for Sale

When thinking of vehicles of historic importance in the American culture, you don’t usually think of vehicles from the 1960’s. One particular reason is that there are plenty of other periods to chose vehicles from, far better represented, when talking about the United States of America. There are, however, exceptions. One such example of an exception is this unique 1964 Lincoln Continental that will be auctioned soon. Without a doubt, the person that will own this vehicle is going to be a very happy man. This particular build combines stealthy and classy in one perfect package.

Right from the start, you notice the matte grey finish. This is the main modification that gives this particular vehicle a stealthy look. It almost resembles a military airplane. The added set of rims completes that look. The way in which these two elements mix is simply amazing. It actually seems like the car came out the factory gates looking like this. The amount of upgrades, in this particular case, is simply stunning. The fact that all these new components fit together so neatly is even more stunning. Every aspect of this 1964 Lincoln Continental seems to have been taken care of.

1964 Lincoln Continental

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Regarding the vehicle’s performance, this Continental is equipped with a 7 liter V8 engine. There is no doubt about how fast this car is. This vehicle also sports a custom exhaust system and programmable air suspension. A lot of money was put into all these upgrades. The amount of work is visible just by looking at the final result. This build is definitely a success. The interior has also been changed in order to fit with the exterior. Collectors will probably fight over this vehicle. This is definitely a car worth keeping locked away, safe.

1964 Lincoln Continental

If you have the right amount of money and are planning to purchase a rare vehicle, this is the chance. A 1964 Lincoln Continental just like this particular one is definitely rare. You could even say it is a work of art. The added parts fit so well with the rest of the car that you end up thinking the vehicle was originally designed this way. This 1964 Lincoln Continental is worth every last penny. At this point, the only thing we can do is wait to see who will become the proud owner of this special ride. Regardless of who it will be, that person is going to be very lucky to own such a car.

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Written by Tudor Sprinceana

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