Lamborghini Aventador by ADV1. Wheels

Lamborghini vehicles are known for their refined look. When you think of the Italian automaker, you think of the perfect mix between speed, style and luxury. You could even go as far as to say that Lamborghini’s vehicles are true works of art. With this in mind, most Lamborghini owners don’t find it necessary to upgrade their vehicles. After all, perfection is hard to improve. The folks over at ADV.1 Wheels thought otherwise. This is why they decided to change the looks of the Aventador model, a more recent Lamborghini car model.

Right from the start you can tell the vehicle has been modified in order to look more aggressive. While the core elements of the car remain intact, the added upgrades bring out the particularities of this vehicle. The contrast between the rims and the vehicle’s paintjob completes the vehicle’s look. This particular Lamborghini Aventador is as aggressive as it is fast. This is definitely a Lamborghini model most people would dream about driving. The people over at ADV.1 Wheels have managed the impossible. They’ve made this particular Lamborghini stand out even more.

Lamborghini Aventador by ADV1. Wheels

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The front and rear bumpers, the air vents, the rear wing and the set of rims, all these components, bring out the aggressive nature of the Aventador. Without a doubt, this Lamborghini is a unique vehicle. Without a doubt, this is a vehicle that could be kept in someone’s car collection. The red brake calipers complete the look of the car. You can tell that a lot of work went into this particular build. The attention to detail is just one of the many arguments that suggest this. We’re pretty sure there are not many Lamborghinis that could rival this one.

Lamborghini Aventador by ADV1. Wheels

No matter how you look at this particular situation, the fact that ADV.1 Wheels got the mix right is already a fact. Starting with the colors and ending with the rims, this particular build is a huge success. Demand for this particular upgrade kit will probably explode. The quality of the upgrades and their compatibility with the original car design are two factors that confirm the quality of this particular Lamborghini Aventador. Regardless of the situation, nobody would refuse the chance to ride in a car like this. Taking a look at this particular vehicle is enough to convince anyone of its capabilities. At this point we can only wait to see what other Lamborghini upgrades ADV.1 Wheels will bring to the table.

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Written by Tudor Sprinceana

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