Electric Cars to Have New Sound Options Made by Composers & Bands

Electric cars have always been known for their silence, ever since they first premiered. Some like that they don’t make much sound while others have brought up concerns that they are not safe for pedestrians, bicyclists, and others. Especially for the blind, who cannot see cars on the roads, they need to be able to hear them. But soon they won’t be so quiet any longer. Instead they will have new sounds, which are being demanded by regulators in the United States. Out of regulation comes creativity. Not only will car owners have options to choose the sounds that their car has, the sounds are being designed by famous bands and composers.


The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) that electric vehicles make more sounds. At first the regulatory body said that every car must have the same sounds, but buckled after interacting with car companies. They have decided that vehicles must generate noise when they are traveling at less than 30 kph, or 19 mph. In addition, they are asking the public how many types of sounds cars can make and just how loud they can be. Originally, makers of battery-powered cars were given until the first of September, but it appears that the date has been extended to 2020.


The NHTSA has said that electric cars are so quiet they pose a danger to both blind and sighted pedestrians, and bicycles. There have been many calls to ensure that both hybrids and full electric vehicles are loud enough to hear when they are mobbing at low speeds. This began as early as 2010, but the rules to ensure this were compiled and drafted in 2016. While at higher speeds tire noise and wind resistance make the cars loud enough to warn road user, at low speeds they are near-silent.


Regulators say that drivers should be able to select the sounds their vehicle makers. This has led to car manufacturers looking to make sounds that are unique and exciting, and they are actually getting high level performers and musicians to do the job for them. BMW to make the sounds for the electric vehicles.

The company will be premiering up to 13 new electric models by 2023, so they ostensibly want to be ready for when these new cars come out. BMW is not the only company choosing talented musicians to make their car sounds. Mercedes is working with the rock band Linkin Park to make distinctive sounds for its electric models.

While BMW and Mercedes have chosen to go the creative route with the sounds of their electric vehicles, others are going for more traditional hums and noises. Porsche offers an upgrade to its Taycn model, which is known for its speed and high performance, to boost the volume of its engine and make it sound more like a petrol vehicle. Another company working to augment the sound of the engine is Nissan, who has trailed a warning system they are calling Canto. It adds a choral element to the engine’s whirr.


Electric cars are known for having expensive insurance. It’s not necessarily because they are dangerous, they usually aren’t. It is because they are made of expensive parts and contain technology other cars do not have. According to the specialists at the site MoneyPug, which is known as a platform to find the , the quiet sound of these electric vehicles does not help insurance rates, however. The silence is a liability. Pedestrians might not hear the electric vehicles and could run into them.

As these new cars come with various alerts and engine sounds, it could help their insurance rates. Electric models have become cheaper, and as the market changes and demands them they will become more reasonable and their insurance rates will improve.

Electric cars are slowly but surely taking over the automobile industry. They are having to put in these sounds because they are popular and more of them are entering the roads. With regulation has come a push for unique, creative sounds made by successful musicians. For owners of these automobiles, they will have options and the wonder of new car sounds.

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