Mercedes GLE and GLS – Modified by the German Tuner Brabus

The Brabus team has introduced a wide chunk of updates for the latest GLE-Class and GLS-Class that include revised bodywork and big wheels.

The GLE variant has got a refurbished and renewed front fascia with modified air intakes and upgraded lighting experiments that include integrated courtesy lamps that are bound to illuminate when the owner approaches the vehicle or when someone pulls the door handle. With these enthusiastic upgrades, the Brabus has offered, at back, a new roof spoiler with a more aggressive shape and glassy look. The company also offers wheels in sizes up to 23 inches in diameter.

Mercedes GLE:

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Brabus powered GLE variant has now boosted horsepower to 302 horsepower or 225 kilowatts, and 509 pound-feet or 690 Newton-meters from the stock 255 hp or 190 kW and 457 lb-ft or 620 Nm of torque. Another extravagant option is power 400d which offers 365 hp and 553 lb-ft for GLE variants.

Talking about the GLS variants, there come some similarities as are done for the GLE-Class, including the availability of the PowerXtra D40 tuning pack and the Airmatic suspension module.

Mercedes GLS:

But the revised bodywork includes the courtesy lights in the front fascia, the new roof spoiler which comes with a different design than available one for the GLE, and it looks more like a small lip on the upper edge of the hatchback. The company offers aftermarket wheels as big as 24 inches in diameter.

These are some of the sporty look alterations and mechanisms to revive the historical perspectives of these SUVs and Sedans overhauled by Brabus. These hatchbacks and flash processes are the part of the upgrades, are bound to make the gracious look and turn your vehicle into a lively one.

Photo Gallery with the Mercedes GLE by Brabus:

Photo Gallery with the Mercedes GLS by Brabus:

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Written by Liviu Marcus

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