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Video: Unleashing the Beast: A 900-HP Monster – The Nissan 180SX with Skyline GT-R’s RB26

Exterior: A Symphony of Power and Style

In the world of high-performance builds, one project stands out – the Nissan 180SX with the heart of a Skyline GT-R‘s RB26 engine. This amalgamation of Nissan prowess, orchestrated by the owner, Chris Kostakis, has transformed a two-door 180SX into a 900-horsepower monster built for the track.

The exterior retains the classic lines of the 180SX but is now adorned with subtle modifications hinting at the powerhouse within. The aerodynamic enhancements planned for the future promise not just visual appeal but also improved lap times during time attack events. The versatility of the S-chassis becomes evident, showcasing the 180SX’s ability to transition seamlessly from a cheap drift car to a purpose-built drag and track powerhouse.

Nissan 180SX Skyline 3

Interior: A Track-Ready Haven

Stepping inside the 180SX, the interior maintains its close-to-factory specifications but reveals track-focused enhancements. A roll cage and bucket seats signal the car’s transformation into a dedicated track machine. The marriage of practicality and purpose is evident, ensuring that the driver remains secure and in control, even as they unleash the formidable power under the hood.

Nissan 180SX Skyline 6

Mechanics: The Heart of a Titan

The highlight of this build lies beneath the surface – an RB26 engine plucked from the iconic Skyline GT-R. Chris Kostakis, the visionary behind this project, opted for the RB motor not just for its massive output but also for the reliable power it brings to the track. The RB26 undergoes a substantial transformation, featuring a Spool Imports RB29 stroker kit and cylinder heads by Rams Head Service.

The powerplant receives a significant boost from a BorgWarner EFR 9280 turbocharger, a Holinger RD6 sequential gearbox, a Motec M150 ECU, and a dry sump system from Peterson Fluid Systems. The stock RB26 block gives way to a sturdier N1 RB26 block, complemented by CP-Carrillo rods and pistons. This meticulous assembly allows the 180SX to unleash up to 1,500 horsepower, although Chris tunes it down to a ferocious 900 hp for drag racing, further dialing it down to 550-600 hp on the track.

Nissan 180SX Skyline 5

The management of this formidable power is entrusted to Ben from Benchmark Solutions, who fine-tunes the ECU to make the midrange torque more manageable. To harness the power effectively, a Bosch ABS system with a less intrusive tune than stock is incorporated. Stability control takes a back seat as Chris relies on upgraded brakes – AP Racing Pro 5000 Rs at the front and Endless four-piston brakes at the rear. The factory brake booster and master cylinder retain their place, preserving street usability.

Final Thoughts: An Ongoing Saga of Power and Precision

As the Nissan 180SX with the RB26 engine continues its evolution, it represents a testament to the versatility of the S-chassis. Chris Kostakis’ vision has transformed a classic into a 900-horsepower beast that blurs the line between street legality and track dominance.

The ongoing plans for aerodynamic enhancements reveal the commitment to pushing boundaries and improving performance. The 180SX stands as a canvas waiting for more strokes of modification, promising an exciting journey for both the owner and enthusiasts alike.

In a world where aftermarket support defines the potential of a build, the 180SX emerges as a canvas with endless possibilities. Whether you crave the adrenaline of drifting or the precision of track racing, this Nissan creation invites you to join the journey of power, precision, and the pursuit of automotive excellence. The Nissan 180SX with the RB26 – not just a car, but a statement of automotive artistry.

Nissan 180SX Skyline Video

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Written by Eduard Huma

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