Mazda MX-5 by BBR

Mazda MX-5 gets power boost from BBR

The British tuning specialists from BBR unveiled a comprehensive performance package for the Mazda MX-5.

It comes in two stages and adds a StarChip ECU unit, high-flow injectors, a new intercooler and most important, an Eaton MP62 supercharger.

Mazda MX-5 by BBR


Mazda MX-5 by BBR

The Stage One improves the total output of the 2.0-liter MK3 engine to 235hp and 257Nm of torque while the 2.0-liter MK3.5 gets a power boost to 241hp and 257Nm of torque. The 1.8-liter MK3 engine also benefits from some improvements which increase the figures to 217hp and 238Nm of torque.

If that’s not enough, there is the Stage Two pack which adds a high-flow air filter, a new exhaust manifold and a reworked ECU, all these boosting the numbers to 252hp (2.0 MK3), 258hp (2.0 MK3.5) and 231hp (1.8 MK3).

Mazda MX-5 by BBR
Mazda MX-5 by BBR

“BBR is delighted to announce some exciting new additions to its successful range of BBR-Cosworth supercharger conversions that offer even more performance options for discerning MX-5 owners,” says the tuner.

The Stage One kit starts at £4,295 while the Stage Two begins from £5,455.

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