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US: Mazda RX-7 Packs Standout Widebody Kit

It may be an oldie but goldie car, but the iconic and legendary Mazda RX-7 remains one of the most impressive sports cars from the Japanese carmaker, the model coming with a rotary-powered engine and impressive performance under the hood.

And even if this is a thing of a past, it was brought back to life by a handful of American tuners who decided to make it quite special by adding a wide body kit with standout features.

The installation was carried out by Final Form USA and Fujita Engineering, both teams creating the car`s widebody kit, which will make it a real head-turners while cruising the streets in big style.

The car`s top features refer to the massive carbon-fiber splitter which is perfectly complemented by the new bumper with large canards, increasing thus its front-end downforce.

Other standout features also include the front quarter panels with air extractors resembling of shark fins, adding carbon fiber side skirts, flared rear wheel arches, prominent rear bumper and wide diffuser. Additionally, you can also install a huge rear wing thanks to the new mounting points.

Under the hood, this modified Mazda RX-7 remains stock, meaning that is packs a 1.3-liter twin-turbo rotary engine, with power output to range between 252 horsepower and 276 horsepower.

You can find out more about the custom Mazda RX-7 in the media gallery released by joint-venture Final Form USA and Fujita Engineering!


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