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Tesla Model S with LumiLor paintjob

The last couple of years I have learned about some interesting new types of paint that you can (in theory) apply to your car to make it stand out.

Today I added one more to that list: a paint that comes from LumiLor and reacts to electricity by giving off light.

Tesla Model S with electroluminescent paint

Tesla Model S with electroluminescent paint

This is quite awesome, and alongside the hydrophobic paint and the paint that changes color depending on temperature, the electroluminescent paint is something that would definitely work on a car. Just to prove their point, LumiLor prepped a Tesla Model S with their product and tested it a bit.

Tesla Model S with electroluminescent paint

Tesla Model S with electroluminescent paint

The result was awesome, and while other kinds of paint are rather static, with the electroluminescent paint, you can set a pretty much infinite number of patterns for the paint stripes (or any other shape) to light up. Thing is, there isn’t that much more I can tell you make you understand, so why not just watch the video below and see for yourself.

LumiLor Lit Car from Darkside Scientific on Vimeo.


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