Ferrari 458 Spider by MetroWrapz

Whenever you see a Ferrari, it is usually red, and if not, chances are it is white or yellow.

But have you ever seen a lime green Ferrari ever in your life? I can’t really be sure of it, but I’d say I have not.

Ferrari 458 Spider by MetroWrapz


Ferrari 458 Spider by MetroWrapz

Probably going by the same logic, the guys from MetroWrapz decided to modify a Ferrari 458 Spider with a nice wrap. I’m not sure how many people would have chosen this colour for their Ferrari, but after seeing the pictures, even if they are slightly photoshopped, I have to say it’s awesome.

Ferrari 458 Spider by MetroWrapz
Ferrari 458 Spider by MetroWrapz

Now, if you take the nice lime green exterior and add to that the red interior, you get a very nice theme going. And since this is a Ferrari 458 Spider, people can admire the contrasting color all at once. Unless they are those kind of people that consider the Ferraris to look good only in red.

What do you think?

Written by Andrei C.

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