Ferrari 360 Modena Spider Looks Fabulous with Hamann`s Aero Kit

If you are not used to seeing the famous German technicians from Hamann tuning company at work, customizing old supercars like this Ferrari 360 Spider, then take a closer look and find for yourself the treatment this lad here received.

Hamann is well-known for adding smashing tuning projects for lots of other sports cars from BMW, Audi or Porsche, but from time to time, it finds time to come up with different programs for older-generation supercars, like this one seen here.

The photos below were provided by Autogespot user Star080, while the model with the Hamann aero kit was quietly resting in a car park.

It looks beautiful and extremely hot with the new parts, something extraordinary which could not have gone unnoticed. Every aftermarket piece installed on the car`s body makes it extremely aggressive and increase its stance.

We are looking here at standout Hamann bits – bespoke front spoiler edge on the standard bumper, multi-piece adjustable diffuser, adding as well side wings and prominent rear wing.

Let`s not forget the new alloy wheels and lowering kit, which lowers the car`s ride height by 40 mm at the front and 20 mm at the rear. The entire kit is also complemented with the new and high-performance Hamann stainless steel exhaust, which raises the car`s power.

We are looking here at a modest power raise of 15 horsepower, which brings the car`s 3.6-liter V8 engine to a total of 408 horsepower. You can find out more about the Ferrari 360 Spider by Hamann in the media gallery below!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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