GSC preview the BMW iTron

After the release of the Tron movie, the automotive world has seen quite a few tuning projects which drew heavily from it.

There have been many Tron bikes and a few cars, and now a BMW i8 seems to have endured a Tron transformation.

BMW iTron by GSC


BMW iTron by GSC

To be completely honest, it’s just a preview for now, but if the guys from GSC (German Special Customs) pull it off, it will be awesome. And I say that not because of the iTron name, because I’d say this particular project isn’t all that Tron-ish, but because the BMW i8 needs more tuning kits, and this one looks good.

BMW iTron by GSC
BMW iTron by GSC

GSC previewed here quite a few alterations, starting with a restyled front bumper and hood, then moving on to new door sills before finally arriving at the back, where we can see a new rear bumper and reworked tailpipes. There is even a new set of wheels to make the project complete.

What do you think?

Written by Andrei C.

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