F10 BMW 5 Series (550i) by Fostla

The BMW 550i is not a weak car by far, with its V8 twin-turbo engine producing 402hp, however Fostla considered that major improvements were in order and as such has provided an extensive list of upgrades all packed up in one single tuning package.

First things that have been attacked were an engine kit with updated electronics and of course an inevitable new exhaust system, combined, boosting the HP to about 170HP.

BMW 550i by Fostla


BMW 550i by Fostla

The 550i gains in this way about ¼ of extra power and that for about $5.000, which is not that bad when looking at it from an economic point of view.

BMW 550i by Fostla
BMW 550i by Fostla

The exterior has been fitted with an M Sport package. The car has been painted in a Taupe metallic mat, with tinted lights and gloss black trims and fitted with 20” Yido YP1 Talia rims wrapped in Michelin Pilot low profile tires (245/35ZR20 for the technical people around here) all sealed with 5mm spacers.

BMW 550i by Fostla
BMW 550i by Fostla

No tuning project could be complete without proper car lowering techniques and this also happens to be the case. The BMW 550i has been swiftly lowered on new H&R springs making it look aggressive and also giving it a nice aerodynamic aspect and feel altogether.

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Written by Tudor Sprinceana

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