Mercedes S-Class by Prior Design

There’s no doubt that the Mercedes S-Class is the definition of luxury, but the real problem is whether or not that definition can be more detailed and exact when it comes to design finesse and exquisite tuning choices.

Prior Design believed the definition to be incomplete and decided to add a lot more to the equation focusing on the interior, now fully dressed in croc leather. Luxury has been redefined with all sorts of gadgets and aids meant to entertain and help the driver altogether.

Mercedes S-Class by Prior Design


Mercedes S-Class by Prior Design

The exterior has also been redefined with a custom front bumper, carbon lips on all sides of the car, 20” or 22” rims and an aggressive rear apron. Prior seems to have sacrificed a few of the Mercedes S-Class’ features in order to restyle it, considering the potential losses minimal.

Mercedes S-Class by Prior Design
Mercedes S-Class Interior by Prior Design

The rim size for example may cause an issue in the smoothness of the ride; however keeping in thought that this particular Mercedes S-Class is equipped with Active Body Control air suspension worries related to this issue might just be useless.

Mercedes S-Class by Prior Design
Mercedes S-Class by Prior Design

The car has been showcased at this year’s Essen Motor Show. The Mercedes S-Class by Prior makes a statement when it comes to luxury, showing those capable of raising the funds that nothing is too luxurious when it comes to comfort and style.

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Written by Tudor Sprinceana

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