Video Highlights Audi RS6 120 Years Edition by ABT Sportline

ABT Sportline, the heavy division from Audi carmaker, has always brought the sunshine in our lives with exquisite and eye-catching models.

The aftermarket division is now celebrating 120 years of existence on the market and decided to mark the event by launching a standout Audi, called RS6 120 Years Edition.

Unfortunately, as all exclusive models, this one will also be available in a limited edition, with just 12 models to be offered worldwide. The pricing list is not yet known.

However, all 12 Audi RS6 120 Years Edition are put for a display in a dealership in Italy, with the division also releasing a video which highlights the design and power upgrade of the model.

The model is offered with some fine body styling touches, and only a real Audi “connoisseur” would spot these subtle modifications.

The Audi RS6 120 Years Edition is sporting carbon fiber bits on front bumper`s flaps or front wings` side vents, while the interior received the Alcantara wrapping and the ABT logos on the headrests.

In the engine department, the stock Audi RS6 is really impressive, but the new power kit brings the model closer to the sky, with a whopping 735 horsepower and more than 900 Nm of torque. The topping has been also modified to 320 km/h.

But perhaps words are useless at this point, instead don’t forget to watch the video with the ABT Audi RS6 120 Years Edition and tell us what you think about this standout model!

What do you think?

Written by Eduard Huma

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