Texas Hennessey Get Their Hands on the Cadillac CTS-V, Transform It into real Monster

After transforming the Cadillac Escalade into a real beast with sheer 824 horsepower under the hood, the Texas-based technicians from Hennessey have also installed a powerful upgrade underneath the skin of another high-end model from Cadillac, like the gorgeous CTS-V.

The project involves the HPE800 power kit and comes handy with a lot of important modifications, all meant to transform it into a real beast.

With all the power in mind, this lad here can develop as low as 750 horsepower, but in case you are not satisfied with the result, then you can also have it with a whopping 1,000 horsepower. And the real excitement is something that you won`t forget so easy.

In order to achieve such massive powers, the technicians from Hennessey installed the following power kit, with the entire pieces being highlighted below:

Hennessey HPE800 Power Kit:

Hennessey Pulley Upgrade; High Flow Cylinder Heads; Intercooler Heat Exchanger Upgrade; Custom HPE Camshaft; Gaskets & Fluids; HPE Engine Management Calibration; Dyno Tuning & Road Testing; Serial-Numbered Dash & Engine Plaques; Hennessey Exterior Badging; Hennessey Premium Floormats.

The model can also be had with an optional stainless steel exhaust system and the tuner`s H10 monoblock wheel upgrade. All parts come with a 3 year warranty or a 36,000 mile limited warranty.

The tuning HPE800 program can be observed in the media gallery put together by Tennessey. If you had a Cadilalc CTS-V and didn`t settle with the stock power, would you upgrade it with massive 1,000 horsepower? And even if we do not have the official price tag, it is definetely going to cost a lot of money!

What do you think?

Written by Eduard Huma

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