Hennessey Teases Ford Focus RS with Impressive Power

Rumors with the US-based Hennessey tuner preparing a custom-built and extremely powerful Ford Focus RS have been circulating on the web for some time, but now the specialists have released a teaser image with the upcoming model, to be built in around 30 days.

We also have gotten our share of details with what seems to be the most powerful Ford Focus RS ever created by a tuner.

But in order to power up the RS with their special kit under the hood, the technicians have made the first modifications on the car, first reducing the car`s weight with around 200 kg and fitting it with lighter components.

Other modifications worth-mentioning refer to custom exhaust system with electronic dump valve with stainless steel mid pipe, as well as forged and lightweight alloy wheels and improved suspension system.

Under the hood, the aftermarket specialists have also made some customizations, like new engine software with high-flow air filter, new turbocharger and intercooler, all part of their special HPE400 power kit.

According to the numbers we have, the result would be a spectacular one. The 2.3-liter EcoBoost in stock form develops 350 horsepower and 474 Nm of torque, but with the new HPE400 kit, the car churns out pure 405 horsepower and 576 Nm of torque. And the rumor mill says that this is just the beginning, the tuner also reportedly preparing extra goodies.

The entire kit comes with a $2,995 tag, but adding other components, installation and dyno tuning, it goes all the way to a full $4,995.

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Written by Eduard Huma

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