BMW X5 with Lumma`s Design and TopCar`s Power Is One Mean Bastard

More and more tuning shops are teaming up to create impressive projects and the one seen below is a true example that a fruitful collaboration can lead to something one-of-a-kind.

It is also the case of the BMW X5 seen below, the gorgeous and aggressive top-class SUV from BMW receiving a one-off aero kit from Lumma and a power boost signed by TopCar. And the result couldn’t have been a bad one.

Lummas`s wide body kit makes the BMW X5 more aggressive and increases its rugged personality, and those thanks to the new parts.

The most important ones refer to the new front bumpers with integrated daytime running lights, bespoke side skirts, rear bumpers with integrated diffusers, all highlighted by the tuner`s own signature and personal styling mark.

Also, very important, the black model seen in the media below, also comes with a vented hood, meaning that the rear spoiler hides a custom engine as well.

Speaking about performance, it was TopCar`s turn to take over. The engineers have added some new mechanics, like oval tailpipes with a really blasting sound as well as a power boost, which is way too impressive than the stock power. Unfortunately, there are no official figures announced so far, but according to tuner, the upgrades will concern both the petrol burners and the diesels as well.

Meanwhile, take a closer look at the media gallery below and decided for yourself if you would customize your own BMW X5 the way it looks here!

What do you think?

Written by Eduard Huma

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