Stormtrooper BMW 6 Series convertible by Vilner

Stormtrooper BMW 6 Series by Vilner preview

I have to say, whenever Vilner gets working on a new project, you can be certain something noteworthy will be released.

Problem is, Vilner usually just deals in luxury interiors and only rarely dabbles in exterior design.

Stormtrooper BMW 6 Series convertible by Vilner


Stormtrooper BMW 6 Series convertible by Vilner

But when they do, magic happens, and cars like this Stormtrooper BMW 6 Series Convertible come into being. The source of inspiration for the project is fairly obvious, and while this surely isn’t the first vehicle to take after the Star Wars series, it is something special.

While the Stormtrooper BMW 6 Series is not quite as close to the series as some fans might want, it is a vehicle that can be appreciated for its beauty by a wider range of fans, not just Star Wars ones. On the other side, if you look closer, you might catch some cues from a previous project of Vilner’s, namely the Bullshark. But no matter from which point you try to analyze this build, simple fact is that it is an awesome car.

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Written by Andrei C.

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