Mercedes S63 AMG with Big Bang Treatment by Wheelsandmore

As much as I dislike most of Mercedes-Benz`s models, there are a few of them that really catches my attention, and those are wearing the AMG`s signature.

Every Merc that gets out the AMG`s special production line has to be radical, aggressive, massive and extremely fast, and if that doesn’t suit your needs, then you always have a choice: an aftermarket shop that can comply with your own needs.

In this case, the technicians from Wheelsandmore tuner are back into the spotlight with another “Big Bang” treatment carried out on a Mercedes C63 AMG, meaning lots of power and aggressive engine growl.

At the exterior, this German lad seen in the media gallery below didn’t get a special makeover, the tuner adding only a set of their special wheels. We are looking here at a set of matte black 6Sporz wheels, measuring 10×22 and 11×22 front and rear and wrapping the 265/30/22 and 305/25/22 Continental Sport Contact 6 tires.

Besides the new rims that improve the car`s overall aggressive look and stance, the Wheelsandmore Mercedes S63 AMG has also received the tuner`s special power package, making it one of the most powerful S63 AMG ever cruising the streets.

The power package comes with some hefty mods, such as custom bearings, in-house built valve-flap exhaust system, optimized air filters and ECU remapping, and downpipes with sport catalysts, all raising the car`s power to 792 horsepower and whopping 1,150 Nm of torque. With these figures in mind, this modded S63 AMG surely runs like hell from 0 to 100 km/h. Unfortunately, the tuner has not released any details on that matter.

What do you think?

Written by Eduard Huma

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