Audi RS5 by Fostla / PP-Performance Looks Smart in Chrome Red

A joint-venture between tuners have always brought along exquisite tuning programs that can turn the ugliest cars into the perfect rides.

It is also the case of a recent partnership between Fostla and PP-Performance tuners, which have added a nice aero package and power kit on this gorgeous Audi RS5 seen below, each feature being available at spicy prices.

As we can depict from the photos below, the model is wearing the exquisite and one-off Chrome Red wrap, which highlights the car`s every single new design line.

The aero package costs around 8,000 euros and besides the exterior paint, it also comes with unique vinyl wrap with red shades, adding blacked-out body parts and so on. Overall, the model looks quite stylish with no exaggerated aero parts to spoil its design.

In the engine department, the technicians from both tuners have also installed the Stage 2 power kit, consisting of a new and bespoke exhaust system and throttle system. Available at 3,868 euros, the power kit provides the model with a total of 488 horsepower and 463 lb-ft of torque, which is quite impressive.

So we have one piece of Audi RS5 which for almost 20,000 euros can be transformed into something of a strange yet appealing beauty, adding as well an impressive power kit under the hood.

In case you own such a fantastic model that allows for infinite customizations, then our advice would be going for the full power kit from Fostla and PP-Performance tuners. Enjoy the media gallery with the new Audi RS5!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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