This Is DF Automotive`s Latest Wheel Package on Audi A3 Sedan

Even if we are used to seeing a special Audi model receiving one-off tuning packages from Audi Exclusive or ABT Sportsline, the latter one being a dedicated Audi tuner, this time one particular model got involved onto a different type of styling kit.

We are looking here at an Audi A3 Sedan which has recently received a slight tuning package from no other than DF Automotive, a German tuner that also loves Audi products in particular.

Having a look at the model below, you might think that the aforementioned Audi A3 Sedan looks exactly stock, but one professional eye and Audi purists would appreciate the subtle makeovers.

We are looking here at some new wheels and a few mechanics, which are designed to provide extra driving capabilities and increase the car`s stance.

And so it happens with the new 20-inch alloy wheels courtesy of MB-Design, all wrapped in 235/30 Continental Sport Contact 6 tires, which add a more aggressive look.

Besides the new wheels, which go hand-in-hand with the exterior wrap, the model has been also lowered, thanks to the new lowering springs. We are looking here at the KW`s springs, which bring the model closer to the ground with around 25 mm to 50 mm, and 25 to 45 mm, front and rear, respectively. This increases the car`s aerodynamics and provides more downforce.

As for the car`s performance figures, the aftermarket specialists have left the engine intact, meaning that it still develops a good 148 horsepower, all squeezed-out from the same 1.4-liter TFSI engine. You can have a closer look at the car in the media gallery below!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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