This Is Seat Ateca with Power Boost by DF Automotive

What started as a concept in the shape of the Seat IBX at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, finally became the company`s Ateca SUV back in 2016, as the main competitor against the Renault Kadjar.

A year later after its official debut on the market, the Seat Ateca SUV is now revealed with some new upgrades at the exterior as well as under the hood, and that thanks to the technicians from DF Automotive tuning company.

In the tuning segment the Ateca is a rare sight, and that`s because it didn’t attract many customers on that matter. However, a few have popped up online wearing exclusive design and outputting more power.

One such example is the below tuned-up Seat Ateca by the aftermarket specialists from DF Automotive, the model featuring new wheels and a KW coilover suspension system. The wheels refer to MSW 48, sized 20 x 8.5 front and rear, and wrapped in 235/35 Hankook tires. With a couple of new styling elements here and there, the Ateca is now looking more aggressive and appealing.

But the SUV`s main ingredient lies under the hood, thanks to the tuner`s new power upgrade. The power kit comes with a new tuning box built by Kraftbox, which adds around 62 horsepower and 120 Nm of torque over the standard 148 horsepower and 340 Nm of torque. No performance figures have been yet released. More than that, the tuner also offers power kits for the rest of the car`s engine lineup.

Speaking of engine lineup, the Seat Ateca Style comes with a 1.0-liter TSI turbocharged engine, with 115 horsepower and a front-wheel drive configuration. In case you want more power, then you can also choose the 1.6-liter TDI with the same 115 horsepower but higher torque.

On the other hand, the Seat Ateca XCellence comes with an upgraded 1.4-liter ecoTSI engine with 150 horsepower and a front-wheel drive configuration. In case you opt for the 4×4 ECellence version, then you will have to empty your packet for at least 27,170 euros.

The higher 2.0-liter TDI packs two power configurations – 150 horsepower and 190 horsepower, respectively – both coming with a seven-speed DSG automatic. The 2.0 TDI 190 HP 4Drive DSG-7 is also available at a higher 33.790 euros. Additional costs refer to white body wrap available at 200 euros or the Samoa Orange available at 550 euros.

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Written by Eduard Huma

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